A little bit about me

This was inspired by a recent post from one of my favorite blogs Brooklyn Blonde sharing a little bit about myself with all of you. I thought this would be fun since I've never done this type of post before and hopefully you will find this somewhat interesting.

1. I was born in Moscow and moved to NYC when I was 10

2. I love trying out new cuisine and will try anything once

3. I'm a coffeeholic

4. I've never had any pets because of that I'm uncomfortable around dogs and cats

5. I have a younger sister

6. I absolutely love to travel and go on road trips my last two trips were to Kiev and Iceland

7. I love reading 

8. I have 2 tattoos and planing to get more

9. I love very different types of music including Russian 

10. I have seen all of my favorite bands/artists in concerts and that's quiet a long list

11.  I got married on 4/10/10 to a boy I met in high school

12. I finally got my drivers license this year!

13. I absolutely love the artistry of makeup and I do freelance makeup

14. Fashion/Beauty/Style magazines make me happy I'm subscribed to about eight monthly

15. I keep a very tight circle of friends

16. I appreciate honesty above all other traits in a person

17. Ice cream is my weakness

18. I prefer to shop online

19. I speak Russian fluently

20. I never had short hair they've always been long and I'm not planning to cut it anytime soon

21. I never liked Math or any related subjects and instead would prefer Psychology and English in which I excelled

22. I have a B.A in Corporate Communications and A.A.S in Fashion Marketing

23. My favorite movies are "Requiem for a Dream", "Fight Club", "Mean Girls" and "Breakfast Club"

24. I was very experimental with my style in high school and college days and even had colorful yarn braided in my hair!

25. Although I am not a picky eater I can not eat Olives and Kiwi

Until next time...

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  1. Cool post. I would love to visit Iceland, seen some really amazing photos.


  2. great post honey , nice to meet you!!


  3. Amazing photo!!!Great post!
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