I'm back!!!

It has been too long, this blog was abandoned but I will get better. I have been so busy lately with the shop, photoshoots, traveling, redecorating the apartment , and getting ready to apply for Graduate School.
Always finding new challenges for myself, but that is what keeps life interesting and worthwhile.
New photos and "favorite things" posts coming soon, can't wait to really get this going!

For now enjoy some of my favorite images from the latest shoot for www.kakayard.com
 I don't know how I got in this picture (above) but model doesn't seem to mind...

 Our lovely model Carmen, she is phenomenal!

By Regina

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  1. A nice blog, I'm interested to see what else you post! Please take the time to view my blog as I too have just started blogging again! I'd appreciate a follower as I was your first!haha thanks keep up the good work xx


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